January 2019: Corporate Climate Change Blind Spots

For 2019, we start off with an overview of a study on corporate sustainability and climate change preparedness. This webinar features authors, Allie Goldstein, CI associate scientist and, Jillian Gladstone, forest team senior manager at CDP. Together, they give a brief overview of their paper titled, “The private sector’s climate change risk and adaptation blind spots,” and take questions from participants in an Ask the Experts Q&A format on corporate sustainability and beyond.

Also, check-out our new podcast, Innovation Exchange for a primer on corporate climate change blind spots with lead author, Allie Goldstein.

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June 2018: Forests & Your Supply Chain - A look at jurisdictional approaches

Our 2018 webinar series will continue with a look at jurisdictional approaches. We’ll be joined by Conservation International’s Lesley McLaughlin, Senior Manager of the Sustainable Food and Agriculture Markets program, and John Buchanan, Vice President of Sustainable Production. They’ll provide an overview about how this approach aims to bridge market- and policy-based interventions to scale deforestation-free commodity production — encouraging companies and governments to work together alongside key landscape actors
like communities and NGOs.

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January 2018: Socially Responsible Seafood

In January, our 2018 webinar series kicked off with a webinar examining socially responsible seafood. We were joined by Jack Kittinger, senior director of global fisheries and aquaculture at CI; Jen Cole, project manager for human rights at FishWise; and Darcie Renn, senior sustainability manager at Albertsons Companies. Together, they provided an overview on how businesses, governments and NGOs can work together to ensure seafood is sourced without harm to the people involved in producing, processing and distributing it. 

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October 2017: BSC Pre-Meeting - Nature is 30

In preparation for the BSC's 2017 Annual Meeting we hosted a webinar to preview the meeting agenda and prime guests on what we mean by nature-based solutions and the science behind CI's new climate campaign, Nature is 30.

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August 2017: Beyond Certification - Moving from a Standard Approach to a Transformative Solution

This webinar featured Kelly Semrau, senior vice president of global corporate affairs, communication and sustainability with SC Johnson, and Hank Cauley, senior vice president of the Center for Environmental Leadership in Business at CI and former president of the Forest Stewardship Council-US. Together, they took a closer look at the benefits and challenges of certification and beyond.

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February 2017: Conservation Agreements - Enhancing Corporate Social & Environmental Performance

In February, our 2017 webinar series kicked off with a webinar examining conservation agreements, an approach that is helping companies, Conservation International (CI) and communities better bridge the gap between conservation and development. We were joined by Chevron's Sarah Connick, as well as CI's Juliette Crepin and Paula Diaz, who discussed how conservation agreements are an innovative tool that integrates and enhances corporate social and environmental performance.

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October 2016: Advancing Palm Oil Sustainability

This webinar featured Conservation International's (CI’s) Melissa Thomas, Director of Sustainable Palm Oil Markets, and Walmart’s Mark Eastham, Senior Manager of Sustainability, who discussed the challenges currently facing the palm oil sector, as well as sustainable production practices that CI and Walmart are implementing. 

May 2016: Guiding Water Stewardship for Business Success: Starwood Hotels & Resorts Water Risk and Opportunities

In this webinar, we heard from Andrea Pinabell, Vice President of Sustainability & Global Citizenship at Starwood Hotels & Resorts, and Conservation International’s Director of Eco-Hydrology, Leo Saenz, who provided a deeper dive in the findings, impacts and relevance of global water issues to Starwood.

March 2016: Advancing Freshwater Health to Build Business Resilience

In preparation for the BSC's 2016 Annual Meeting we hosted a webinar to preview the meeting agenda and prime guests on the current landscape of corporate water stewardship and available resources that companies can use to progress water sustainability. 

September 2015: Climate Change, Sustainable Management and Renewable Materials

This webinar featured Steve Panfil, Conservation International's (CI's) Technical Advisor for REDD+, and Jason Pelz, Tetra Pak's Vice President of Environment, who discussed links between nature-based solutions, climate change and the role for renewable materials.

May 2015: Key Trends in Environmental, Social and Economic Risks Driving Value Creation

This webinar featured Katherine Blue, Managing Director of Sustainability Services at KPMG US, and Barend van Bergen, Partner of Sustainability Services at KPMG Netherlands, who discussed recent developments in quantifying societal value and presented case studies from pioneering businesses. 

March 2015: Natural Capital Protocol, A Framework for Practical Application

This webinar featured Eva Zabey, Director at the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), and Dr. Gemma Cranston, Senior Program Manager at the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership, who discussed the Natural Capital Protocol — a standardized framework for business, including principles and guidelines, to measure and value their direct and indirect impacts and dependencies (positive and negative) on natural capital.

Background on Developing the Natural Capital Protocol and Sector Guides for Business

This working document outlines the latest thinking on the purpose, objectives, scope, application and contents of the Natural Capital Protocol (NCP) and the accompanying Sector Guides being developed by the Natural Capital Coalition.

December 2014: A Corporate Idealist's Experience in Sustainability

This webinar featured Christine Bader, author of [When Girls Meets Oil] The Evolution of a Corporate Idealist, which was hailed as a must read book for a career in CSR as it provides an insider look at championing social responsibility within big business. 

September 2014: Chevron and CI - Managing Corporate Freshwater Stewardship

This webinar featured Sarah Connick, Manager of Biodiversity Environment & Climate Change for Chevron, who discussed the company's experience partnering with Conservation International (CI) to develop and pilot the Integrated Biodiversity Assessment Tool (IBAT).

June 2014: The EPA and Trends in Corporate Climate Leadership

This webinar featured the United States Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA's) Melissa Klein, Communications Director, and John Sottong, Technical Director, who highlighted the EPA's Center for Corporate Climate Leadership tools and resources appropriate for BSC members.

March 2014: Building Resiliency by Designing for Positive Impact

This webinar featured William McDonough, author of Cradle to Cradle: Remaking the Way We Make Things and The Upcycle: Beyond Sustainability-Designing for Abundance.

February 2014: Balancing Green + Growth, Working with the Private Sector

For our first webinar of 2014, Vic Arrington, Conservation International's (CI's) Senior Vice President of the Center for Environmental Leadership in Business, discussed CI's work with the private sector and our major initiatives to help produce a net positive impact for both nature and people. 

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October 2013: Insights from the CDP

This webinar featured Tom Carnac, President of CDP North America, who discussed the recent launch of CDP's 2013 S&P 500 report, including key results, the annual CDP Leadership Indexes and emerging trends in corporate environmental risk management.

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September 2013: Ocean Health Index

This webinar featured Conservation International's Deb Zeyen, who shared her work on the Ocean Health Index (OHI) — a valuable tool for business and the ongoing assessment of ocean health. Based on the best global data available, the Index provides scores for the current status and the likely future trend of important natural resources such as seafood from wildcatch and marine aquaculture; jobs and livelihoods from marine industry; tourism; and natural products such as medicine, aquarium fish, and algae.

June 2013: CI and Nestlé, Mapping the Way to Zero Deforestation

This webinar featured Duncan Pollard, Associate Vice President of Stakeholders Engagement in Sustainability with Nestlé, and Joanne Sonenshine, Director of Sustainable Food and Agriculture Markets with Conservation International (CI). They provide an overview of CI's Sustainable Food and Agriculture Markets Program and CI's collaboration with Nestlé to produce the Deforestation Guides for Commodity Sourcing to help Nestlé achieve its commitment under the Consumer Goods Forum to eliminate deforestation from its supply chain.

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February 2013: Energy-Water-Food Nexus

This webinar featured Dr. Ram Nidumolu, CEO of InnovaStrat, who provided an overview of the impacts of energy, water and food issues on business success, along with challenges and a road map for implementing nexus management in companies.

December 2012: PUMA Environmental Profit & Loss

This webinar featured Dr. Helen Crowley, Conservation & Ecosystem Services Specialist with PPR, who covered PUMA's brand and product level Environmental Profit & Loss (EP&L) work, which focuses on measuring, valuing and ultimately reducing the company's environmental impacts that makes business sense.