© Paul Nicklen

© Paul Nicklen

For more than 30 years, Conservation International’s world-class team of scientists have developed cutting-edge research and tools necessary for us to identify, value and protect nature. We have also been a trusted partner for the private sector. 

With dedicated resources, we can do more. Funding for the Catapult Lab will provide Conservation International with the ability to invest in innovation to accelerate and scale commitments to sustainability and impacts on the ground.

Catapult will provide companies with greater accessibility and support for tools that are currently available to help companies address the challenges standing in the way of meeting their sustainability objectives.

Where there are barrier or gaps in tools or services needed to advance corporate sustainability, funds will be earmarked for the identification and development of innovative new ideas that will help companies value and incorporate nature more deeply into business decisions.

Catapult Lab products will address key issues critical for achieving the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement, helping companies drive efforts that promote sustainable development, a healthy climate and human well-being.