Winter 2018: Healthy ecosystems = healthy food

Soil. Water. Healthy oceans. The Earth provides everything we need to feed the world. But pressures on our food system are growing and we must figure out how to feed the world — without destroying it.

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Fall 2018: Water is life

Fresh water is the lifeblood of the planet. No one can survive without it. But many water systems around the world are currently overtaxed, and some already run dry.

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Summer 2018: Help protect forests

Forests are vital for food, water and livelihoods — and they affect everyone. But the world has lost nearly half its forests for development.  

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Spring 2018: Critical allies for elephants

On top of being amazing creatures, elephants actually make life better for all people — by planting trees, fighting climate change and supporting other species as ecosystem engineers. 

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Communications Toolkits

Browse and download a selection of CI photos by theme:  



Here are a few examples of how these resources can be leveraged throughout the year:

  • Showcase one CI nature video or photo with an educational caption on your company’s Intranet every other week

  • Use CI photos or videos to illustrate internal newsletter articles or blogs on your corporate sustainability initiatives

  • Stream CI videos and photo slideshows on breakroom TVs to educate employees about your company’s partnership with CI

  • Share relevant CI blogs on your company’s Intranet site

  • Share CI’s Protect an Acre and Save a Mile campaign videos with employees to encourage giving to the cause

Important Reminder: The selection of photos and videos licensed to Catapult Collaborative members may only be used for internal use at your company for employee engagement purposes. These photos may not be used for commercial use.

Please contact Mandy if you'd like CI photos/videos for external purposes.